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Newsletter - No. 3
June-July 2022
Hibiscus moscheutos PLANETÂź Griotte 'TANGRI'


We wish you a very nice summer and look forward to seeing you in Angers for the visit of the IHC2022 squares, at Plantarium at the end of August and at the Vegetal tradeshow in mid-September.

Enjoy your reading and see you soon

The SAPHO team

To read in this issue


Plants to feed bees and other pollinators


Our demonstration squares - IHC2022 Angers


Jard'innov Gold Trophy for the Clematis SAPHYRAÂź Violetta 'CLEMINOV32


Our next trade show dates

Plants to feed bees and other pollinators
Spirée Merlo Green

The decline of pollinators and the preservation of biodiversity are issues to which citizens are increasingly sensitive. It is time to take action!

Here are 5 suggestions to build a plant palette for a garden where our friends the foragers will come to feast! (We explain why and how on our blog)

  1. No single dish in the garden, prefer a varied buffet!
  2. A restaurant open most of the year
  3. Pollen on every floor, forming paths
  4. Shapes, colors, perfume to please everyone!
  5. The flower festival at night too!
Erica Katia
Lagerstroemia Mimie Fuchsia
Caryopteris x clandonensis Grand Bleu
Our demonstration squares - 2022 IHC Angers

The 2022 IHC, International Horticultural Congress will take place in Angers, France, from August 14 to August 20, 2022. It is an exceptional event, which takes place every 4 years, on a different continent and brings together several thousand researchers from around the world. This 2022 edition will also be open to non-researchers in the horticultural sector. see www.ihc2022.org

On this occasion, the city of Angers organizes demonstration squares in the jardin des plantes. It is with pleasure that we answered the invitation. You can discover 6 squares of SAPHO varieties, illustrating the diversity of our catalog.

IHC2022 Jardin des plantes Angers

The visit of the demonstration squares in the Jardin des Plantes of Angers is in free access, from now until October. Do not hesitate to contact us to organize a meeting and a time of exchange on the spot.

Jard'innov Gold Trophy for the Clematis SAPHYRAÂź Violetta 'CLEMINOV32
Clematite Saphyra Violetta

Congratulations to Travers Nurseries for the presentation of the Clematis SAPHYRAÂź Violetta 'CLEMINOV32' during the competition Jard'innov 2022.
This superb clematis, produced by Travers Nurseries is an INRAE / SAPHINOV obtention edited by SAPHO, novelty launched in autumn 2021.

All the know-how of a French plant industry from research to production!

Our next trade show dates

We wish you a nice summer and look forward to seeing you :
at Plantarium (NL) and at the Vegetal tradeshow (FR)

Do not hesitate to contact us to let us know you are coming!

SAPHO des plantes de bonne nature

Tel +33(06) 09 61 28 31



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