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1st artist


Polytechnico de Turino
Pictures of the Politechnico di Turino, ex-FIAT factory © Milene Guermont, 2018

MoMoWo - Women’s Creativity Since the Modern Movement is a large-scale cooperation project, in partnership with seven institutions that are representative of the variety of cultures and co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme within the Culture sub-programme. 


From an interdisciplinary perspective, MoMoWo considers women's work within architecture, civil engineering, interior and industrial design professions of cultural and social relevance for contemporaneity. The project aims to share significant cultural heritage forged by women working within the design professions, which has been to a significant extent "hidden from history"


Disseminating knowledge of women's creativity (from 1918 to 2018) provides a base to re-evaluate the past in all fields of design, as well as to give present and future generations of women wider professional recognition.


Milène Guermont is the first artist of the MoMoWo and one of the eight speakers on "Women's Achievements, Professional Attainments" for the 2018 symposium that occurs at Politechnico de Turino.


Honorary Fellow


PYRAMIDION TWIN at Trinity House

PYRAMIDION TWIN next to the Four Seasons at Trinity Square in front of the Tower of London

© Milene Guermont, 2018 / ADAGP

Founded more than 130 years ago, Queen Mary University of London is one of the leading research-focused higher education institutions.

Industrial properties (3 patents pending), registrations by the Office of brands and designs, 
copyrights and intellectual properties (the artistic concept Polysensual Concrete: when you touch a concrete wall, it emits sounds), confidentiality agreements, special authorizations to put public artworks in classified areas (4 sculptures accepted to date), labor legislation, safety and diplomacy issues are necessary for the work by the artist-engineer Milène Guermont.

She pushes the limits of the material, men and laws. Still in her thirties, Milene Guermont was already proposed to become Honorary Fellow of Queen Mary.


1 of the 3 entrepreneurial women of the year


milene guermont into PYRAMIDION on the Seine River

Milene Guermont into PYRAMDION on the Seine River next to MusĂ©e d'Orsay, Paris, 2018

L'Usine Nouvelle is a French magazine that covers business and technology. It gathers juries every year to select the most remarkable women who are innovative, international, entrepreneurial...

Milène Guermont is one of them for 2018. Her portrait is in the journal of this week.


economic business magazine superwomen of the year




Dialogue of the PYRAMIDIONS

in London and Paris

for the Europe Heritage Days

Polytechnico de Turino

Movie of the birth of PYRAMDION TWIN with Katerina Mina in London, 2018

The luminous sculpture PYRAMIDION TWIN is born in June at Trinity House with a sonic performance by British soprano Katerina Mina (movie here). 


For the Europe Heritage Days, on September 14, 8 - 11 pm, a long-distance interaction between this interactive sculpture and its twin, PYRAMIDION that is floating on the Seine River next to MusĂ©e d'Orsay, wil happen: touch the pyramid in London and the one of Paris lights up at your own hearbeat simultaneously.


To see the lights of the PYRAMIDIONS throughout all summer 2018, go to:
- TRINITY HOUSE, Trinity Square, London EC3N 4DH, UK (Tube: Tower Hill)
- ARTEMIA boat, Port de Solferino, Paris, FR (Métro: Musée d'Orsay)


More info here



Polytechnico de Turino

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