Luminous New Year !

Keynote at the UK Embassy 


Je vous souhaite une année

constructive & lumineuse !

PYRAMIDION floating on the Seine River


©  Milène Guermont / ADAGP, 2018


Latest TV interview

TV interview of Milène Guermont at Grand Palais

Interview of Milène Guermont at Grand Palais,

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Next keynote

at the UK Embassy on January 15 

British Embassy in Paris

On the invitation of ICE, I will feature my work at the British Embassy onTuesday January 15 evening. This keynote entitled "The art and engineering of Milene Guermont" will be followed by questions/answers with the public. Entrance on invitation (confirmation of registration and id card will be required). Write to if you would like to come. The British Embassy in France, 35 Rue du Faubourg Saint HonorĂ©, 75008 Paris.



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chair of the jury INSIDES of the World Festival Of Architecture
milene guermont instagram pyramidion in London
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