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Newsletter #32 - December 2019 


The Mediterranean Wetlands Newsletter




Civil society: a key player in the sustainable

management of Mediterranean Wetlands

In October 2018 the Tour du Valat and its partners launched an ambitious project to reinforce the civil society in 10 countries in the East and South of the Mediterreanean Basin, to improve the management and protection of wetlands.


Water pollution in the Camargue: what impacts on reptiles?


Since 2017, the Tour du Valat and its partners have been conducting a research project on the impact of aquatic contaminants on reptiles in the Camargue.


New study on the effect of ringing operations in a mixed waterbird colony


The Tour du Valat has studied the effects of ringing operations on a colony of Glossy Ibis, within the framework of its research programme on this species.


A new funding agreement signed to support civil society and the sustainable management of Mediterranean Wetlands


On Tuesday November 19, 2019, a new funding agreement for the project to support civil society and the sustainable management of Mediterranean wetlands, which is backed by the Tour du Valat, was signed with the French Global Environment Facility (FFEM).



Training on risk management for wetlands in Albania, October 9-11, 2019


From October 9 to 11, 2019, a training session on risk management for wetlands has been organised in Tirana, Albania for local civil society representatives and natural area managers. A representative from the Tour du Valat and the Mediterranean Wetlands Observatory has contributed to this event as a trainer.


Publication of the 2019 Collared Pratincole report


The 2019 report on Collared Pratincole monitoring in the Camargue has just been published and is available on line. According to the 2019 monitoring report, the breeding pairs in the Camargue corresponded to the annual average observed in recent years, even if the threats to this species remain significant in some specific locations.

Training on social sciences and nature conservation in Croatia


The Tour du Valat participated in a training course in Biograd, Croatia, September 24-26, 2019, which focused on social sciences for nature conservation stakeholders. The three-day workshop, with one day of field work, brought together 25 people that work on nature conservation projects in the Adriatic region.


Protection of coastal wetlands in Albania: the Mediterranean Wetlands Alliance lobbies the local government


Just as the Albanian government is preparing to re-assess its legislation on the protection of its national natural areas, 25 non-governmental organisations (NGOs) including the Tour du Valat, all members of the Mediterranean Wetlands Alliance, have written a letter to the government to express their deep concern.



Birds of the Gard atlas published


The new edition of the Birds of the Gard atlas, published by the Gard Ornithological Centre (COGard), has came out on December 14. The Tour du Valat actively contributed to it.



Publication of the proceedings of the 9th International Eurasian Spoonbill workshop in Tunisia in November 2018


The 9th Workshop of the Eurasian Spoonbill International Expert Group was held in Tunisia in November 2018.Its participants, of which the Tour du Valat as an active member of the group, have just published the proceedings of the workshop.




Champagnon J., Carré H., Gili L. 2019. Effects of research disturbance on nest survival in a mixed colony of waterbirds. PeerJ 7:e7844.


Fraixedas S., Galewski T., Ribeiro-Lopes S., Loh J., Blondel J., Fontes H., Grillas P., Lambret P., Nicolas D., Olivier A., Geijzendorffer I.R. 2019. Estimating biodiversity changes in the Camargue wetlands: An expert knowledge approach. PLOS ONE 14:10:e0224235.


Taylor N.G., Grillas P., Fennessy M.S., Goodyer E., Graham L.L.B., Karofeld E., Lindsay R.A., Locky D.A., Ockendon N., Rial A., Ross S., Smith R.K., van Diggelen R., Whinam J., Sutherland W.J. 2019. A synthesis of evidence for the effects of interventions to conserve peatland vegetation: overview and critical discussion. Mires and Peat 24:1-21.







Arles (France)

Symposium in French by Gilles Boeuf, former President of the French Natural History Museum: "What resilience between biodiversitu and humanity?"






Arles (France)

Photo story in French by Pierre-Lou Chapot and Pierre Blanchot: "A journey with the migratory birds from the Atlantic coasts to the Nordic regions"






Tour du Valat (France)

Open Day at the Tour du Valat on the occasion of the World Wetlands Day.








International workshop on ecosystem-based management



Tour du Valat - Institut de recherche pour la conservation des zones humides méditerranéennes 


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Edotorial comittee: Coralie Hermeloup, Jean Jalbert and Gwenael Wasse 


Have contributed to this issue:  M. Borie, L. Dami, L. Ernoul, A. Olivier, C. Perennou, J.-P. Trouillas, M. Vittecoq. Photo credits: Hichem Azafzaf/AAO, T. Bino, L. Ernoul/Tour du Valat, INCA, J. Jalbert/Tour du Valat (bandeau), Hazem al Hreisha/RSCN, A. Méric, J.-E. Roché. Translation: Charles La Via.

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