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Newsletter #30 - June 2019 


The Mediterranean Wetlands Newsletter




The Mediterranean Waterbird Network: cooperation fostering biodiversity

The most recent workshop of the MWN partners was held in Evora (Portugal) in April 2019, following the European Birds Census Council conference.


Questions for...

Khaled Etayeb, President of the Libyan Society for Birds and focal point of the Mediterranean Waterbird Network in Libya.




Publication of the Tour du Valat Activity Report 2018


The most recent Tour du Valat Activity Report 2018 has just been published.


Download it from the Tour du Valat website!


European Rollers on their way home from Africa


A few weeks ago four of the five European Rollers equipped with an Argos tag in 2018 by Timothée Schwartz, a PhD student at the Tour du Valat, were on their way back after several months of a long winter migration that brought them all the way to southern Africa.

Wetnet newsletter #4



The Tour du Valat is one of the partners of Wetnet project, which tackles the question of setting up multi-level governance for wetlands in Europe.


Rediscover of Callitriche mathezzi in Morocco


An international team made up of international botanists (including the Tour du Valat) found a new site that hosts this endangered species in the Middle Atlas.


The Tour du Valat actively involved in the European Solidarity Corps


The Tour du Valat was in Paris on June 24 2019 for a day of meetings and workshop-debates on the European Solidarity Corps.



A successful WetNet summer school project in Venice, Italy


The WetNet project, of which the Tour du Valat is a partner; organised an international summer school in Caorle and Venice, Italy, from 3 to 7 June, 2019 on ‘The sustainable governance of Mediterranean wetlands–Wetland contracts as voluntary agreements for stakehold.’


Training on “Wetland restoration through water dynamics” in Jordan


The Royal Society for Nature Conservation of Jordan and the Tour du Valat organized a 2-day training of trainers on wetland restoration through hydrology on 9-10 April 2019, at the Azraq Wetland Reserve (Jordan).


World Environment Day: focus on nature-based solutions


The Tour du Valat participated actively in an international workshop on nature-based solutions (NbS) held in Marseille (22-24 January 2019). Video feedback concerning this event from the World Environment Day on 5 June.


Prespa Transboundary Park: implementation of the 2010 agreement


Nine years after it was signed, the agreement for the protection and sustainable development of the Prespa Transboundary Park is finally going to be concretely implemented after it has been ratified by Albania.


Publication of the proceedings of the National Colloquium on how territories can adapt to climate change


The proceedings of the Second National Colloquium on how territories can adapt to climate change, which took place from 17 to 19 December, 2018 in Marseille and was coordinated by GREC-SUD, are now available on-line.




Espel D., Diepens Noël J., Boutron O., Buffan-Dubau E., Chérain Y., Coulet E., Grillas P., Probst A., Silvestre J., Elger A. 2019. Dynamics of the seagrass Zostera noltei in a shallow Mediterranean lagoon exposed to chemical contamination and other stressors. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science 222:1-12. DOI :


De Wit R., Vincent A., Foulc L., Klesczewski M., Scher O., Loste C., Thibault M., Poulin B., Ernoul L., Boutron O. 2019. Seventy-year chronology of Salinas in southern France. Journal for Nature Conservation 49:95-107. DOI :


Broeck M.V.d., Rhazi L., Waterkeyn A., Madihi M.E., Grillas P., Kneitel Jamie M., Brendonck L. 2019. Livestock disturbances in Mediterranean temporary ponds. Freshwater Biology 64:5:856-869. DOI :








Lyon (France)

Rhône-Méditerranée-Corse Water Agency "Water & Biodiversity" colloquium.


Tour du Valat - Research Institute for the Conservation of Mediterranean Wetlands


Le Sambuc, 13200 Arles, France - Tel. +33 (0)4 90 97 20 13 -


Editorial Comittee: Coralie Hermeloup, Jean Jalbert and Gwenael Wasse 


Have contributed to this issue: L. Dami, F. Daubigney, L. Ernoul, K. Etayeb, P. Grillas, C. Perennou, T. Schwartz. Photo copyrights: Arocha, L. Dami/Tour du Valat, L. Ernoul / Tour du Valat, K. Etayeb / LBS, Hazem al Hreisha / RSCN, J. Jalbert / Tour du Valat (bandeau), R. Lansdown.

Translation: Charles La Via & R. Lansdown.


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