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Newsletter #29 - April 2019 


The Mediterranean Wetlands Newsletter



The IPBES and the Tour du Valat: Working Hand in Hand to Conserve Mediterranean Wetlands

The Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES), of which the Tour du Valat is an observer, will hold its next 7th plenary session in Paris from 29 April to 4 May 2019.

Questions for...

Yann Laurans, Biodiversity and Ecosystems Programme Director at IDDRI


Workshop on the implementation of Nature-based Solutions from 22 to 24 January 2019 in Marseille


The workshop “Implementation of Nature-based Solutions to tackle climate change: focus on the Mediterranean region” made a significant contribution to clarify concepts and knowledge exchanges about Nature-based Solutions (NbS)


A successful 9th workshop of the Eurasian Spoonbill International Expert Group in Tunisia


The Eurasian Spoonbill International Expert Group met in Djerba (Tunisia), 14-18 November 2018, in the framework of its 9th international workshop. The 8th was held at the Tour du Valat in 2015


Five doctoral students co-supervised by the Tour du Valat successfully defended their theses


Several doctoral students, co-supervised by the Tour du Valat over recent years, and who conducted part of their fieldwork here, successfully defended their theses in late 2018.


Nature-based solutions: publication of a new Science & Management booklet


The Tour du Valat has just published a new information booklet in its Science & Management series in order to promote Nature-based Solutions among policymakers and scientists, as well as economic and civil society stakeholders.



Decompaction of a 1.5 km segment of hard clay road on the Tour du Valat Regional Nature Reserve


In September 2018, decompaction operations were completed on a several-meter wide, 1.5 km segment of a hard clay road that was ploughed up and returned to nature. This operation occurred in the framework of a project to dismantle a high voltage electrical line in the Camargue, which had crosse the Tour du Valat Reserve.


A look back at the 2019 Tour du Valat Open Day


Just as it does every year, the Tour du Valat opened its doors to the public so people could discover the Tour du Valat Nature Reserve and celebrate wetlands on almost the same day the Ramsar Convention was signed in Iran back in 1971. This year’s theme was “Wetlands and Climate Change“.


A fruitful meeting between hunters and scientific partners from the Camargue


The annual meeting of hunting stakeholders and scientific partners from the Camargue (the Tour du Valat and the Migratory Avifauna Unit of the French National Hunting and Wildlife Office - ONCFS) was held on Thursday 21 March, 2019 at the Tour du Valat, and brought together 60 participants.


Tour du Valat actions for the conservation of Great White and Dalmatian Pelicans


Since 1978, the Tour du Valat has been actively involved in the Balkans setting up conservation actions in favour of two threatened pelican species, the Great White Pelican and the Dalmatian Pelican.


A bird species new to the Camargue

A Buff-bellied Pipit was spotted in December 2018 in the Camargue by a team of three local ornithologists, of whom one works at the Tour du Valat. It is a new species to the Camargue, which had only been previously sighted twice in the west of France.



2018 Heinz Hafner Conference by Tim Clutton-Brock


The Tour du Valat Heinz Hafner yearly series of conference was the occasion to welcome Pr. Tim Clutton-Brock on 8 November 2018. As a distinguished British zoologist from the University of Cambridge, Pr. Clutton-Brock is well-known for his behavioural studies in mammals.You can now watch his conference in English



Parliamentary mission report considers wetlands to be “lands of the future”


The parliamentary mission headed by Frédérique Tufffnell and Jérome Bignon submitted its report (Lands of water, lands of the future: make our wetlands pioneering territories for an ecological transition) on 28 January 2019 to the Prime Minister and Minister for an Ecological and Solidarity-based Transition.


IPBES publishes its biodiversity and ecosystem services assessment for Europe and central Asia


The Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) has just published its assessment report on biodiversity and ecosystem services for Europe and central Asia, to which the Tour du Valat contributed.


What can territories do in response to climate change?


A colloquium was organised by GREC-SUD in Marseille (17-19 December 2018) on how territories are adapting to climate change. It gathered many experts and decision-makers around this unifying topic.



Over 375,000 citizens speak up to save European rivers and wetlands!


The #ProtectWater campaign was initiated in October 2018 by European NGOs grouped within the Living Rivers Europe coalition to save European water law. It was supported by the Tour du Valat, and has just come to a successful conclusion.


2018 waterbird censuses in France: encouraging results in the Camargue


The French Bird Protection League (LPO) has just published the results of the last bird census in France, conducted in mid-January 2018. The resulst are globally positive in the Camargue and for several species.




Ernoul L., Mathevet R., Wardell-Johnson A., Sandoz A., Willm L., Boutron O. 2018. Integrative science to achieve long-term impact in conservation. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 6:. DOI :


The Mediterranean Wetlands Observatory. 2018. The Mediterranean Wetlands Outlook 2: Solutions for sustainable Mediterranean wetlands. Tour du Valat.


Rataud A., Dupraz M., Toty C., Blanchon T., Vittecoq M., Choquet R., McCoy Karen D. 2019. Evaluating functional dispersal and its eco-epidemiological implications in a nest ectoparasite. Zenodon, reviewed and recommended by Peer Community In Ecology 10.5281/zenodo.2573075:18. DOI :









Symposium "Biodiversity: an ally to prevent some infectious diseases?"


17 & 18




Annecy (France)

3rd meeting

"Protected areas and research"



28 April - 4 May




IPBES 7th Plenary Session


3 - 9




Camargue (France)

11th Festival of the Camargue







International Day

for Biological Diversity






Marseille (France) 

Summit of the Two Shores

of the Mediterranean Sea


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Editorial Comittee: Coralie Hermeloup, Jean Jalbert and Gwenael Wasse 



Have contributed to this issue: J. Champagnon, D. Cohez, A. Crivelli, T. Galewski, I. Geijzendorffer, P. Grillas, A.-S. Hervy, M. Guillemain, Y. Laurans, L. Segura-Champagnon, B. Solgrain, M. Thibault.

Photos copyrights : H. Azafzaf/AAO, M. Guillemain/ONCFS, Hellio & Van Ingen, J. Jalbert/Tour du Valat, LPO, Plan Bleu, J.-E. Roché, B. Solgrain/Tour du Valat, Tour du Valat, F. Veyrunes, Wikimedia Commons,

Translation: Adam Clark-Gimmig & Charles La Via.


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