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Newsletter #27 - July 2018  


The Mediterranean Wetlands Newsletter


The Eurasian Spoonbill, an emblematic wetland species

The Tour du Valat has been carrying out a monitoring program of the Eurasian Spoonbill in the Camargue for the last 10 years. In November 2018 it will participate in an international workshop in Tunisia on this emblematic wetland species.

Questions for...

Hichem Azafzaf, President of the Association "Les Amis des Oiseaux" in Tunisia.




Publication of the Tour du Valat's Activity Report 2017


The Tour du Valat’s 2017 Activity Report has just been published. We hope you enjoy it!


Press release: The Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur Region launches the first Living Region Index


Developed with the Tour du Valat's expertise, this indicator measures the evolution of biodiversity in the PACA region since 2000, and shows the effectiveness of nature protection measures.


Mission in the marshes in southern Iraq: an emblematic wetland


A French delegation, among which the Tour du Valat was part of, visited the Mesopotamian Marshes at the end of March 2018, following the invitation of the Iraqi Green Climate Organisation. A big restoration campaign was initiated in this site 15 years ago.


Expansion of the Tour du Valat’s joint projects with Kristianstad University Sweden


Following the first meeting organised in the Camargue in the spring of 2017, the scope of the collaborative projects between the two organisations has been extended. A research project on antibiotic resistance found in water was launched during the winter of 2017-2018, which led to another recent meeting in Sweden.


Ornithological assessment mission conducted by the Tour du Valat in the Kuriat Islands (Tunisia), April 2018


A Tour du Valat ornithologist travelled to the Kuriat Islands in Tunisia to complete a mission in April 2018 on the avifauna of this archipelago, on the initiative of the "Les Amis des Oiseaux" NGO (AAO/BirdLife Tunisia).


The Tour du Valat partner of the 5th Pan-European Duck Symposium in Scotland


This 5th edition was held on the 16th–20th April 2018 on the Isle of Great Cumbrae in Scotland, and brought together numerous expert biologists and duck managers from all over Europe and beyond. One scientist and two Ph.D. students from the Tour du Valat presented their research at the conference.


Video of the talk “The incredible history of the European Eel (Anguilla anguilla)” by Delphine Nicolas (in French)


Delphine Nicolas, a junior research scientist at the Tour du Valat, gave this talk on the occasion of the Tour du Valat's Open Day in February 2018.



Great White Egret ringed in Hungary seen at the Tour du Valat


Ringed as a chick in Hungary in May 2015, the bird was seen on the Tour du Valat estate in April 2018.


Meeting of the Tour du Valat / National Office for Hunting and wildlife (ONCFS) and Camargue hunters, farmers & natural area managers in May 2018


This annual meeting focussing on the research programmes conducted by the ONCFS and the Tour du Valat in the Camargue was held on 24 May 2018, and brought together some 60 hunters, farmers, natural area managers, and other stakeholders in the Camargue.


The Tour du Valat mobilised to measure the impacts of a mangrove restoration project funded by the Livelihoods Carbon Fund in Senegal


The Tour du Valat visited the Casamance region in Senegal in March 2018, in order to assess the economical, social and cultural impacts of the planting of more than 10,000 ha of mangroves in 450 villages between 2009 and 2012.


The European Conference of the Society of Wetland Scientists calls for the protection of the Lake Ohrid ecosystem


Around fifty experts in wetland ecosystems from all over the world were participating in the Society of Wetland Scientists European Conference from April 30 to May 4 2018 in Orhid, in the Republic of Macedonia.


Discovering “natural climate buffers” in the Netherlands


A study tour was organised from 18 to 20 April 2018 by the “Dutch Coalition for Natural Climate Buffers” and Eurosite, the European Network of natural area managers, to discover the various “nature-based solutions” for adapting to climate change in the Netherlands.



The CEPF meets at the Tour du Valat to launch its second phase of investment


9 years after an initial meeting that finalised the Mediterranean ecosystems profile, which opened the path to 5 years of investments in favour of Mediterranean biodiversity, the Tour du Valat hosted another meeting of the Critical Ecosystems Partnership Fund in March 2018 in order to discuss a new phase.



Champagnon J., Lebreton Jean‐Dominique , Drummond Hugh , Anderson David J. 2018. Pacific Decadal and El Niño oscillations shape survival of a seabird. Ecology 99:5:1063-1072. DOI :


Malek Ž., Verburg P.H., R Geijzendorffer I., Bondeau A., Cramer W. 2018. Global change effects on land management in the Mediterranean region. Global Environmental Change 50:238-254. DOI :


Hess Manon C. M., De Wilde M., Yavercovski N., Willm L., Mesléard F., Buisson E. 2018. Microwave soil heating reduces seedling emergence of a wide range of species including invasives. Restoration Ecology 10.1111/rec.12668:10 pp.. DOI :


15 & 16 September



Occitanie, PACA & Corsica Regions

On September 15 & 16, 2018, discover Mediterranean lagoons on the occasion of the European Heritage Days.


2 October



Paris (75)

Symposium of the French Hydrotechnical Society "Human and Social Sciences and the Stakes of Water"


7 April - 23 November



Regional Park of Narbonne in the Mediterranean (11) 

The agenda of the Regional Park of Narbonne in the Mediterranean


21 - 23 November



Marseille (13)

2nd National Symposium on the adaptation of territories to climate change

Tour du Valat - Research Institute for the Conservation of Mediterranean Wetland


Le Sambuc, 13200 Arles, France - Tel. +33 (0)4 90 97 20 13 -


Editorial Comittee: Coralie Hermeloup, Jean Jalbert and Gwenael Wasse 



Have contributed to this issue: Hichem Azafzaf, Jocelyn Champagnon, Laurent Chazée, Thomas Galewski, Yves Kayser, Anthony Olivier, Maïlis Renaudin, Marion Vittecoq. Photo copyrights: Association des Amis des Oiseaux, J. Champagnon/Tour du Valat, L. Chazée/Tour du Valat, T. Galewski, J. Jalbert/Tour du Valat (bandeau). Translation: Adam Clark-Gimmig & Charles La Via


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