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Newsletter # 40 - July 2022 


The Mediterranean Wetlands Newsletter


Can mapping help to restore Mediterranean wetlands?


The Mediterranean Wetlands Observatory (MWO) is developing an innovative mapping approach to better target areas where lost wetland habitats can be recreated and restored. This work is based on large-scale Potential Wetland Mapping...


Questions for...



Dania Abdul Malak, irector of the European Topic Centre at the University of Malaga (ETC-UMA), Spain. She responds to questions from the Tour du Valat concerning how mapping can help to restore Mediterranean wetlands.



Do all vertebrates age at the same rate?


A comparative study, published in the journal Science by an international team of 114 scientists, is the most detailed study to date on the ageing and longevity of ectothermic tetrapods in the wild.


A look back at the “ecological wetland restoration” training


This training workshop, organised by Tour du Valat, with the support of MedWet, in the framework of the project “Strengthening the restoration of Mediterranean Wetlands for nature and people”, coordinated by WWF Spain and financed by MAVA Foundation  took place from 20 to 22 June 2022, in virtual (streaming and recorded) including “virtual field visits”.



The Tour du Valat becomes an eco-actor of the Camargue Biosphere Reserve


On Saturday 4 June 2022, the Tour du Valat had the honour of joining the growing network of eco-actors committed to preserving the Camargue Biosphere Reserve, a territory designated and recognised by UNESCO.


The 2021 activity report of the Tour du Valat is online


The Tour du Valat publishes its new activity report, presenting all of its activities in 2021, a year marked by the launch of the five-year strategic plan under the supervision of a new programme Director and managed by an entirely renewed management/coordination team.


Convention on Wetlands – Youth get committed!


Hugo Ferreira, Ph. D. student at Tour du Valat, is a dynamic representative of Youth Engaged in Wetlands (YEW). With Dylan Jones, YEW’s Conservation Policy Officer, Hugo Ferreira attended the 59th Standing Committee of the Convention on Wetlands in Switzerland at the end of May, thanks to the support of Tour du Valat.


The Tour du Valat hosts the Moroccan Association for Ecotourism and Nature Protection


The Moroccan Association for Ecotourism and Nature Protection (AMEPN), in partnership with the Tour du Valat, organized a study and exchange trip on the conservation of freshwater biodiversity and wetlands management.



The Eurasian Spoonbills still need your help!


You are already 1,820 volunteers who have joined the Where is Spoony? program. You have allowed us to reach 47% of the project thanks to 109,138 classifications made, a big thank you!


Designation of a new Ramsar site in Sudan: the inner delta of Khor Abu Habil


In the framework of the Ressource project coordinated by the FAO and co-financed by the FGEF and the EU, the Tour du Valat and Office Français de la Biodiversité joint team is supporting its Sudanese partners: the Wildlife Conservation and General Administration (WCGA) and the High Council for the Environment and Natural Resources (HCENR) in the designation of a new Ramsar site in Sudan: the inner delta of Khor Abu Habil.



Doñana, an exceptional wetland in danger


Doñana, a site of international importance for the Greater Flamingos, is threatened by the extraction of underground water for agriculture. Scientists and NGOs have called on the Andalusian parliament to reverse its decision to authorize the extension of irrigated areas for intensive agriculture. Hopefully, for Doñana and the flamingos, this appeal will be heard.

The Tour du Valat, along with Living Rivers Europe, co-signed a letter sent to the European Parliament last April to publicly denounce the serious damage to this wetland.




The Rhône: A new story about the Camargue


Discover the website where you can find a 3-episode documentary film (including one on the Camargue) and a list of stakeholders who propose solutions for water along the Rhône!




A successful meeting of the 3rd type at the Tour du Valat


The Tour du Valat hosted on Saturday, July 2nd an evening organized in partnership with the Citron Jaune which explored the dialogue between humans and non-humans with 3 unique performances.




Barchiesi S., Camacho A., Hernández E., Guelmami A., Monti F., Satta A., Jordán O., Angelini C. 2022. Securing the Environmental Water Requirements of Seasonally Ponding Wetlands: Partnering Science and Management through Benefit Sharing. Wetlands 42(5):46


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Folliot B., Caizergues A., Tableau A., Souchay G., Guillemain M., Champagnon J., Calenge C. 2022. Assessing spatiotemporal variation in abundance: A flexible framework accounting for sampling bias with an application to common pochard (Aythya ferina). Ecology and Evolution 12(4):10


Vallecillo D., Guillemain M., Authier M., Bouchard C., Cohez D., Vialet E., Massez G., Vandewalle P., Champagnon J. 2022. Accounting for detection probability with overestimation by integrating double monitoring programs over 40 years. PLOS ONE 17(3):e0265730


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The 14th national seminar of Ramsar sites will be held from Wednesday 28 to Friday 30 September 2022 in Quimper, Finistère, on the theme "The assets of wetlands, in our daily lives and for the future".



The Key Initiative Muse « Risk and vectors »  (KIM RIVE, University of Montpellier), is organizing again this year a summer school "Biodiversity & Vectors" from 20 to 23 September 2022 at the Tour du Valat.



The 14th Meeting of the Conference of the Contracting Parties (COP14) of the Ramsar convention will take place from 5 to 13 November 2022, in a hybrid manner in Wuhan (China) and Geneva (Switzerland).


After two years of postponements, the 15th World Conference on Biodiversity (COP15) will finally be held from December 5 to 17, 2022 in Montreal, Canada.


Tour du Valat - Research institute for the Conservation of Mediterranean Wetlands


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Editorial comittee: Coralie Hermeloup, Jean Jalbert and Muriel Arcaute-Gevrey




Have contributed to this issue: A. Guelmami


Photos credits and illustrations: H. Fontes (bandeau), A. Guelmami, ETC-UMA, J.E. Roché, C. Suard, J.Y. Mondain Monval & P. Defos du Rau, Orca production

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