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Technal provides a full, certified “burglar resistant” range. It is the result of years of research, designed as a means of prevention and as a deterrent, protecting buildings, contents and people alike. Our solutions have been designed up to CR3 classification standards, offering maximal protection for a private residence, in accordance with European standards EN1627 to EN1630.







The LUMEAL CONCEALED-OPENING SLIDER is the only pocket window to combine tested large dimensions, elegant lines and resistance class CR3.


The sliding pocket window, based on a concealed opening, delays intrusion thanks to the leaf which positions itself behind the frame, eliminating all possible exterior grip for burglars. Reinforcements to the catches, central mullions and corner connectors ensure greater security, avoiding any possibility of unhinging.






TECHNAL can offer a CR3 version of its SOLEAL 55 DOOR, to discourage intrusion attempts through an entrance door. It features a hookbolt locking mechanism, with three horizontal and two vertical locking points, plus an “anti-drill system” to protect the lock body. Three-part hinges prevent the insertion of a crowbar, and neutralize any possibility of unhinging.







The SOLEAL 65 WINDOW is recognizable from its subtle lines and straight design offering an elegant, contemporary interior look. It also offers numerous security features, achieving CR2 classification, in the closed position or in turn/tilt position, creating natural ventilation. Its peripheral locking points are reinforced by a multipoint locking system and P4A laminated glass. They can therefore delay intrusion and attempts open up the joinery by up to 3 minutes.


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