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The entire IRCAM Forum team wishes you the best for 2023, may it be musical and full of discoveries!


We are delighted to have over 30,000 Forum members worldwide. In 2022, we had more than 120,000 visits to our website resulting in more than 2,500 discussions among members.


In 2023, we'll keep highlighting your latest applications and requests in the fields of sound, research, and music creation making the IRCAM Forum more and more dynamic.


Next Event

MARCH 29 TO 31, 2023


Numerous researchers and artists have contributed for the IRCAM Forum Workshops in March 2023!  The detailed program of the event will be unveiled in the coming weeks. Discover from now the highlights. We will keep you informed when the time comes,  you can also find it here


This edition will focus on immersive sound: spatialization, AR/VR. We'll welcome our Taiwanese partners from the C-Lab of Taipei who will present their works and local artists.


This event will also be an opportunity to live an exceptional immersive experience with the reopening of the Espace de Projection.


Register now to attend this edition of the IRCAM Forum Workshops dedicated to immersive sound and taking place from March 29 to 31, 2023. Limited places ! 







One month after the release of ASAP v1.0.0, the set of audio plugins developed by Pierre Guillot, including the Spectral Morphing plug-in, discover the new version 1.0.1 which includes important fixes and improvements, especially for the Spectral Surface plug-in. Spectral Clipping and Spectral Remix are available free of charge, as well as demos of other plug-ins for free download here.


​​​  Free for Premium members


​​​Orchidea 0.7



Discover the new features of Orchidea, the assisted orchestration tool developed by Carmine-Emanuele Cella, with among other things, the addition of tutorials on Max, grep filters, an output for instrument channels and compatibility with the new Apple processors.




Dicy2 for Ableton Live, the agent and tool library developed by Jérôme Nika is still available. It implements interactive agents using machine learning to generate musical sequences that can be integrated into musical situations.


​​​  Free for Premium members


Modalys 3.8.0



The long-awaited version 3.8.0 of the Modalys physical modeling sound synthesis environment is now available. The main features of this version are the Lua API which is now complete and new possibilities to build 3D objects, thanks to the new Lua ParametricSurface3D class.



Discover new tutorials available for the Dicy2 and MuBu technologies.




Sound Spatialization



Learn the basics of spatial perception and various spatialization techniques so that you can build your own spatialization modules and control them in real or delayed time.


​​​  From Tuesday 7 to Friday 10 February 2023.


​​​  Training at IRCAM in French.





Make complex patches and choose the software and hardware tools adapted to your project using the Max graphic programming software.


​​​  Monday March 6 to Saturday March 11, 2023 at IRCAM in French.


​​​  8 half-days from Tuesday April 11 to Wednesday May 10, 2023 online and in English.

Max for Live



Develop the knowledge to approach Max software through its use in Ableton Live. Create new effects and instruments in Live and learn to control the Live GUI.


​​​  From Monday April 3 to Saturday April 8, 2023.


​​​  Training at IRCAM in French.

Premium members of the Forum benefit from discounts ranging from 40% to 60% on professional training. More information here.


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