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April 2019 







The Aerostructure Inspections World Reference

TESTIA is pleased to share the latest news from its branches over the world:



Testia provides inspections for manufacturing and maintenance, worldwide and 24/7. All our inspectors are certified and tests are carried out in compliance with PART 145 and FAR 145 international regulations.

For more information, contact us.



New CR-system in Germany


Testia Germany recently purchased a HR2 imaging plate system from Fujifilm.

This CR-system (computed Radiography) will be used for mobile interventions directly at the customers' locations.

This machine's imaging plates are for X-ray films and allows reading in high resolution with a pixel pitch of 2µm, which is an exceptionnal image processing.

A qualification by Airbus is in preparation.


For more information get in touch with us at contact@testia.com



TESTIA's new mobile CR-system by Fujifilm



TESTIA France at Orly Airport


TESTIA was recently appointed by Paris Orly Airport to perform penetrant testing on a B757's fan blade engine.


Our technician was able to go onto the aircraft directly at Orly airport and installed the equipment he needed to perform his test, hence illustrating how polyvalent our teams can be! Well done!



Setting up the inspection


Penetrant testing inspection in progress


Through its network, TESTIA provides general and Aerospace specific NDT training in all methods, according to EN 4179 and NAS-410 requirements. Consult our training schedule  here .



Eddy Current training for Airbus UK


Our UK team was glad to provide training to some of our Airbus colleagues in Broughton this month!


Our expert Rob Bilney provided an Eddy Current Level 1 training at their facility. This was a successful week and we're looking forward to having them again soon for Level 2!


Airbus Broughton team getting a first experience of Eddy Current

Combining TESTIA skills...


This month TESTIA GmbH organised a Phased-Array Ultrasonic Testing (PAUT) training course in their Bremen facility.


On this occasion, we were glad to welcome participants from both Lufthansa Technik and Ariane Group. 


To support the course and demonstrate TESTIA's other capacities, local sales Manager Bertrand Richard interrupted the course for a short demonstration of the ThicknessTool, an extremely efficient device which divided inspection time by 20! Want to find out more? Check our website and our youtube page!



PAUT trainees discovering TESTIA's ThicknessTool


Testia's pioneering spirit keeps investing into innovation to develop the future of NDT. Testia offers a unique range of NDT inspection equipment for quick and efficient analysis of aerostructures and components.
For more information, contact us.



Did you know? TESTIA's customised solutions



In addition to TESTIA's range of mobile tools and devices, our R&D team also works on supporting companies on developing their own customised solutions.


This has notably been the case with PATRIA which was in need for a UT machine. TESTIA supported them by taking into account all their requirements and building and delivering a dedicated machine.


Ivo SAVENIJE, UT level 3 at PATRIA Aerostructures in Halli (Finland) commented on this partnership:


"PATRIA manufactures the 12 ribs of the A320 Vertical Tail Planes made of CFRP. To face the ramp-up of this program, we had to invest in a very productive ultrasonic testing machine, since the cumulated surface is about 6m². Our requirement included a take time inferior to 10 minutes. We selected TESTIA for their unique capacity to deliver automatic scanning machines including step-by-step customized wizard for the acquisition & automatic data post-processing. In June 2017, we were delivered one immersion tank equipped with one ‘Smart U32 Box+’ instrument to drive a linear phased array, and one ‘NDT kit / Ultis’ software licence. Its installation and the associated training were very quick, as well as its qualification by AIRBUS. Its principle is so simple that non-certified staff can operate it. Our UT level 2 personnel only review the reports which are automatically generated. After several months of intensive use, we are very satisfied with the MTBF of this machine. We also appreciated a lot that TESTIA shipped one set of UTPA instrument & probe during the yearly verification, in order to maintain the manufacturing rate."

2 major events in North America


April 2019 was a busy month for our Canadian team which successively attended 2 major Aerospace shows: MRO Americas in Atlanta, GA, USA and Aeromart Montreal in Montreal, QC, Canada.


This was a great opportunity for our local team to enhance their network with local role players, just after celebrating one year established in the region. We look forward to seeing future developments in this area!


CladTool demo at MRO Americas


TESTIA proudly welcoming rugby star Thomas Castaignede

on our booth at Aeromart Montreal





Our Mexican team attended the Feria Aerospacial Mexico, one of the country's biggest Aerospace events. 

This was a great opportunity for them to demonstrate TESTIA's Smart UE1 and to meet existing and new customers!











Beijing, China

May 6th-8th

TESTIA on Jia Sheng Test's booth




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