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March 2018 







The Aerospace Non Destructive Testing Reference

TESTIA is pleased to share the latest news from its branches over the world:



On March 21st and 22nd, our staff from ENSIA in Spain undertook the EASA Part 145 / Part M training course (given by SENASA) in order to comply with their special requirements.


The session went smoothly and our Spanish staff are now officially trained and qualified!





Through its network, TESTIA provides general and Aerospace specific NDT training in all methods, according to EN 4179 and NAS-410 requirements. Consult our training schedule here



Brand new facility in Filton


Testia UK's makeover is now over and we're pleased to unveil pictures of our new British Training Centre!



Radiology Testing

Penetrant Testing


Penetrant Testing

New training centre's inaugural session


After several weeks of works, during which training courses were held in meeting rooms, Testia UK's new training centre is now fully operational. 


Trainers and students from Xeos in Poland and HS Marston UK were happy to have the inaugural session which was dedicated to liquid penetrant testing.



The inaugural group

Personal level 3 training for Aerotech


Testia was recently contacted by Aerotech to carry out training and qualification for one of their employees. The student, Somnath, flew all the way from India to get Level 3 training and qualification exams to EN4179 in five methods.


We look forward to working again with Aerotech!



The inaugural group

Training & audit Down Under


Testia France was recently contracted for a mission in New Zealand by Airbus Helicopters Repair Network.


Our expert was able to provide Eddy Current Testing, Penetrant Testing and Magnetic Testing training to the local staff as well as provide support and carry out an audit, which made the long trip even more worth it!



Christophe Vermeulen from Testia France with local staff



Testia provides inspections for manufacturing and maintenance, worldwide and 24/7. All our inspectors are certified and tests are carried out in compliance with PART 145 and FAR 145 international regulations.

For more information, contact us.



Inspections for Airod Subang


Testia Asia Pacific established a new contract in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Airod Subang requested our services for A319 Corporate Jet Inspections.


Airod Subang will also call on Testia for training services later in 2018.


A319 Corporate Jet



Testia now official member of the CACRC


Testia is proud to announce that it became a full member of the CACRC during the last meeting of the full CACRC group in Paris (12-16 March 2018). Holger Speckmann in person (Managing Director of Testia GmbH) was accepted by the group to represent Testia.


The charter of the CACRC is to develop and improve maintenance, inspection and repair of commercial aircraft composite structures and components. The seven CACRC task groups are: Repair Materials, Repair Techniques, Analytical Repair Techniques, Design, Inspection, Training and Airline Inspection & Repair Conditions.

Testia will support mainly the Inspection Task Group (ITG) to establish and rework new SAE standard specifications. The contribution will range from expertise in special equipment & tooling for composite inspection, via inspection of composite repairs up to training of personnel working on composites.



Testia's pioneering spirit keeps investing into innovation to develop the future of NDT. Testia offers a unique range of NDT inspection equipment for quick and efficient analysis of aerostructures and components.
For more information, contact us.



Machine delivery to Daher, Morocco 


Over the past few months, Testia has been working on developing a device for Daher to inspect aircraft pieces.


The project consists in an industrial robot with a large inspection span, working with Ultrasonic Phased Array and Waterjet transmission. The device can automatically generate reports and is capable of inspecting any type of design.


Daher Morocco recently inaugurated their new facility in Tanger, as show in this video, where the robot can be seen. 


Machine installation in Tanger, Morocco



France welcomed Canadian delegation



A few weeks ago, a delegation from Canada led by Québec's Prime Minister Philippe Couillard came to France. The delegation stopped in Paris and Toulouse where Occitanie President Ms Carole Delga presented partnership possibilities.


Testia was proud to be part of the event and we were able to pitch in the benefits and the vastness of Non Destructive Testing!


Carole Delga and Philippe Couillard








MRO Americas

Orlando, USA

April 10th - 12th

Testia on booth #1493B (French Pavillion)



Aerospace Event

Bristol, UK

April 11th - 12th

Testia on booth #09



Forum Innovation AĂ©rospatiale

Montréal, Canada

April 16th - 17th

Testia on booth #807

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