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January 2018 







The Aerospace Non Destructive Testing Reference

TESTIA is pleased to share the latest news from its branches over the world:



The events season kicked off this year with our first participation at

the MRO Middle East in Dubai on January 23rd - 24th.



The show was a great opportunity to raise awareness about Testia's

range of services and products in the Middle East.







To start the new year, we are launching a new video introducing our spectrum

of products and services. We are proud to present it in our first newsletter of the year!







2018 also marks the beginning of a new chapter for our British branch. Testia UK

is currently in transition of moving from Newport to Filton premisesto a purpose-built

training school facility. So far, the pictures below show thecurrent state of the facility,

but we are hopeful we can present the final lookof the new offices in next month's newsletter!



Through its network, TESTIA provides general and Aerospace specific NDT training in all methods, according to EN 4179 and NAS-410 requirements. Consult our training schedule here



NDT Awareness Training launched by ENSIA



Last year, ENSIA provided its first general awareness Training for Non Destructive Testing.


This training session aimed at showing current major and most applicable Non Destructive Testing methods used to ensure the completion of requirements in aeronautical structures for “manufacturing” and “in service” inspections.



Spain and France pairing for IRT Training



Testia France provided a Thermography training session at ENSIA's facility last November.

Though Ensia does not have a Thermography trainer among its staff, Testia France was able to support by sending IRT specialist Rodolphe Lacalle to teach in English.

Later on, the examination was performed at Ensia's facility and was managed by COFREND-COSAC.

Ensia and Testia France also provided a specific training for Spanish Air Force regarding Rudder F-18 last month.

IRT Trainer and Trainees at Ensia



Spain's training & exam centre certified



We are happy to announce ENSIA renewed its certifications for the Training and Exam Centre, which were awarded by CNAEND (Spanish NANDTB)

To consult up-to-date approvals and certifications, consult our website:



More training courses in Mexico



Last November, Testia Mexico provided Ultrasonic Testing Level 1 and Level 2 training sessions to SAFRAN MDS employees who participated in the inspection of the Leap Project.


In addition, Testia renewed the agreement with the Mexican Airline (Volaris) to keep providing them NDT training. Volaris recently bought 80 A320 Aircrafts.

Ultrasonic Testing Training session at Testia Mexico's facility



2018 is for e-learning



Testia France's Training department started the year with a very busy schedule, which reflects on the reliability and quality of its teaching.


The calendar is regularly updated to fit the needs, and can be consulted here.


Moreover, 2018 marks the promising beginning of e-learning programmes, especially for Materials Initiation. This online session is a great way to enhance trainees' knowledge about materials, which is key to developing a critical know-how in all NDT methods.

Several clients have already trusted us with this new training method, among whom Safran and Liebherr.


More and more training in Asia-Pacific



Testia Singapore recently conducted 4 classes of A350 Readiness on-job training for Malaysia Airlines. The training session took place both in Singapore and at Malaysia Airlines Engineering in Sepang/Kuala Lumpur.


NDT Trainer Steven Crummak and Malaysia Airlines students


Testia Singapore's Training Department also hosted a 2-week session of Ultrasonic Testing Level 2 for Defence Science Organisation (DSO) Singapore. 


Ultrasonic course in progress



Training no matter what!



As shown above, our Biritish branch is currently operating a move to a new dedicated facility.


Despite the inconvenience such a move implies, our staff is committed to keep business as usual. Hence they are currently using a temporary Airbus meeting room.


Picture below show Phil Edwards carrying out an Ultrasonic Phased Array training and exam session.




Testia provides inspections for manufacturing and maintenance, worldwide and 24/7. All our inspectors are certified and tests are carried out in compliance with PART 145 and FAR 145 international regulations.

For more information, contact us.



New contract with Airbus Helicopters



ENSIA has achieved a contract with AIRBUS Helicopters to support with Non Destructive Testing at Albacete facility.



The scope of this contract includes Eddy Current Testing and Penetrant Testing Inspections.


This contract is added to the previously and currently active signed contract with Airbus Defense and Space to support the inspections on the A400M FAL located in Seville facility.



Testia Mexico to entrench its position in Latin America



Testia Mexico has recently signed several projects with various companies, which underlines its strong position as an NDT provider in Latin America.


The team recently signed a contract with UTC to develop a computerized Radiology Project on Boeing components.



Testia Mexico also started a Magnetic Particles Inspection Project with GE OIL & GAS. In this context, the team will be inspecting parts from GE Brazil, GE Chile and GE Mexico.


Another contract with signed with LISI AEROSPACE CHIHUAHUA to develop a Non Destructive Testing inspection process for SAFRAN Leap Engine Parts.


Finally, Testia Mexico has been joining Airbus Working Parties; the Level 2 inspector travelled to the USA and Mexico City to take part to Eddy Current Testing and Ultrasonic Testing inspections.


These achievements confirm the quality of Testia Mexico's services, which have led it to become the first name of Non Destructive Testing in the country.



Testia France gains new operations



Last year, Testia France won Airbus Quality's call for tender for NDT services, which is a 3 year contract.


The performance recently kicked off in Nantes and is currently being implemented by local teams. 12 operators have been allocated to this operation at the client's facility and started inspecting the first components in the new year.


The performance consists in inspecting all subcontracted parts made of composite materials. Operators shall mainly use Ultrasonic Testing, Eddy Current Testing and Penetrant Testing methods to carry on with their inspections.


This contract is a great opportunity for Testia to tighten its relationship with Airbus and to demonstrate its reactivity, customer services and NDT expertise, values we strive to continuously improve for our customers.



Inter-Testia cooperation



In 2017, Testia France required support from Testia Mexico colleagues several times. 


A few Mexican technicians crossed the Atlantic Ocean to help their French colleagues, after an important increase of activity. Working for clients such as Goorich, UTC or Aviacomp, they performed Ultrasonic Testing, Eddy Current Testing and Penetrant Testing Inspections.


Additionnaly, Mexican Alberto Zamorano was specifically required to perform Radiology Testing for casting projects.


May 2018 bring us more opportunities to work closer together to serve our clients' best interests!


Radiology Testing Inspection carried out in Testia workshop


Supporting its other ranges of services, Testia strives to continuously develop its engineering services, which include operations as various as NTM, tear-down, chemical testing, periodic verification, SHM and more.

For more information, contact us.


Testia GmbH qualified for CT



Testia is proud to announce its successful qualification for Computer Tomography in acc. with Airbus AITM6-7006.


From now on, Testia is registered in the Airbus QSPL as CT inspections supplier on Additive Manufacturing parts of Titanium, Aluminium, Steel and Polymer for aerospace purposes.

Our four CT systems in Ottobrunn and in Fürth (Fraunhofer EZRT) enable the inspection of components from samples size to larger than D500 mm x H1000 mm with a resolution between 3 µm and 150 µm.


The audit took place on December 4th and 5th in Ottobrunn and Fürth in the presence of representatives of Airbus Procurement Operations, Airbus Material and Processes and Fraunhofer EZRT.


Testia had the chance to demonstrate its quality and reliability through the performance of various tests on the CT systems.


Testia qualification team, Fraunhofer EZRT CT team and Airbus auditors in front of the Micro-CT system (225 kV)



Magnetic Particle Process in PCC Monterrey



After one week of training in Monterrey, PCC and Testia Mexico's teams are ready to implement a Magnetic Particle Process for Goodrich Corporation.


In 2018, PPC will keep Testia's Level 3 services and Magnetic Testing support from our NDT technicians.


Testia Mexico and PCC's teams' training session prior to the process implementation



Testia to support Hangar of the Future



Testia Asia Pacific is supporting the Hangar of the future's team to develop automated NDT Inspections.



Seat Tracker



Spain to improve its portfolio of services



Canagrosa (Spain) requested a proposal for hydraulic and jet fuel fluid testing in collaboration with Ensia.


This project is an interesting opportunity for Ensia to develop and enlarge its portfolio of services.



Testia's pioneering spirit keeps investing into innovation to develop the future of NDT. Testia offers a unique range of NDT inspection equipment for quick and efficient analysis of aerostructures and components.
For more information, contact us.



Analysis optimisation thanks to Ultis



A new analysis software was delivered to Duqueine Rhone-Alpes at the end of 2017 by the French Product & Solutions Team.


Thanks to embedded Ultis, the software can automatically analyse cartographies from the Ultrasonic Testing inspection of a Window Frame (WF). The Ultrasonic Testing inspection controls four areas per WF: web + tip, vertical flange and radius. The software can analyse either the four areas of one WF in a row, or a series of several areas of the same kind. At the end of the analysis, a Word report is published.


With this software, analyses have been greatly optimised and the process time dramatically reduced.


For more information about Ultis, please visit our dedicated page on our website here


Window Frame automatic Ultrasonic Testing analysis

Opening of the National Center for Aeronautical Technologies in Queretaro



Rubén García, Testia Mexico's Chief Operations Officer, was invited to the opening of the National Center for Aeronautical Technologies (CENTA). The event was unveiled by Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto and Queretaro Governor Francisco Domínguez.


This site is close to Querétaro Airport and involved an investment of 120 million pesos for its construction, which included three stages distributed over 12 years.


We were honoured to be invited to such a prestigious event!


Official opening of Queretaro's CENTA


Testia Mexico's COO Rubén García


Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto
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