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Bio360 Expo 2023 - 8-9 February

Dear Fanny


Whilst the ChameLeon is reputed for its ability to change colour to suit the moment, our friendly fellow has already been through the cycle and now shows his true colours (or colour), a bright, fervent Green - but this time it’s for good !

So it’s not a green that comes out in the wash. It’s a conviction-based pigment, resilient, hard-wearing signifying not cosmetic change but true behavioral change. We need to be more like him… so let’s do it, let’s bring on the bio-transition !!

In these challenging times 

Safeguarding energy supply from the threat of war and conflict has been one of the drivers behind calls for the accelerated uptake of renewable energy for many years. With the invasion of Ukraine and the Russian threat to Europe’s energy supply, never has the urgency to develop home-grown solutions been so pressing.
Bioenergy in all its forms (solid, liquid and gaseous) can help restore energy independence to Europe and an accelerated impetus to scale the different options is fully underway as proposed under the Fit-for-55 package and REPower EU plan.
And with each new summer, we see unprecedented searing temperature rises across many regions of the world, the widely reported consequences of which will have escaped no one’s attention. 


In the face of these very real challenges, Bio360 Expo signifies in turn our collective conviction to highlight and bring to the fore the significant contribution that bioenergy, the bioeconomy and carbon recycling/removal are already making and the still more significant contribution that can be achieved through scaling, continued innovation and the right framework.


We need to go well beyond today’s levels to redress these fundamental issues of our time and to create the sustainable, resilient bio-world … where life goes on !

Bio360 Expo 2023 in a nutshell ...

An extensive Exhibition Area

The exhibition area, covering an extensive 12 000m², provides an outstanding opportunity to meet, from amongst the 450+ exhibitors from more than 35 countries, a comprehensive range of solution providers from across the bioenergy, BECCU/S, biochar and bio/renewable construction materials spectrums.

Bio360 Expo 2023 Brochure
Conference Program

Bio360 Expo offers a freely accessible, rich and diverse international conference program, comprising 6 tracks with simultaneous translation in French/English. The 2023 program overview is now available:

Conferences outline
Exhibit at Bio360 Expo 2023

Sectoral Convergence

Achieving sustainable and circular employment of the biosphere’s resources are core themes of Bio360 Expo and therefore aligning with affiliated sectors, such as carbon capture and utilisation/sequestration and biomaterials, is particularly relevant.

Advancing this convergence, Bio360 Expo 2023 will explore in parallel to bioenergy topics these key related themes, each within its own dedicated two day international conference program and exhibition area.

Sectoral Convergence

The Bio360 Expo Podcast


20 Minutes with Leon & … is THE Rendez-vous with the experts on bioenergy, bioeconomy and carbon removal.

Each week from November 2022, Leon the Bio360 Expo mascot welcomes an international expert who shares their knowledge and vision of the transition to a vibrant, diverse, renewable, sustainable, circular bio-world ... one where life goes on.

Stay tuned  !

Podcast 20 minutes with Leon & ...


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15ème colloque du CIBE - 13 octobre 2022 à Lille
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