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Bio360 Expo 2022 - 30-31 March, Nantes
Bio360 Expo 2022 - 30-31 March - Focus CCU



Europe is at a crossroads on climate change policies, and so is Carbon Capture and Utilisation (CCU), defined as all innovative industrial processes aiming to capture CO2 from flue gases or from the air and transform it into products such as synthetic fuels, chemicals and building materials.

Tudy Bernier

CCU is high on the EU agenda, with proposed legislations aiming to reduce Europe’s CO2 emissions by 55% by 2030 (‘Fit-for-55’) now under discussion: they will directly impact CCU deployment, from its definition in current laws (e.g. current directive on renewable energy – REDII, EU taxonomy) and promotion as a means to reduce emissions from industries via new targets and quotas (future EU directive on renewable energy – REDIII, FuelEU Maritime, ReFuelEU Aviation) to the way CCU products are exempted in the Energy Taxation Directive and incentivised via ETS emissions mechanisms and carbon removal certifications. All those initiatives and instruments will be impacting directly the way that CCU projects can be deployed across Europe.


In this session, hear from a panel of policy and technology experts in CCU pioneering biobased CCU, biogas-biomethane CCU, industrial emissions CCU and waste-to-energy CCU as they discuss some of their flagship projects and provide an insight of future developments.


WEDNESDAY 30 MARCH - Room Circular

10h - 13h: Carbon Capture and Utilisation (CCU)

Hear from:


ENGIE  - Samuel Saysset
Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona - Albert GUISASOLA

TNO - Earl Goetheer
RAMBOLL GROUP A/S  - Jesper Knudsen


Moderated by Tudy Bernier - CO2 VALUE EUROPE


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