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Bio360 Expo 2022, 30-31 March, Nantes

Accelerating the biotransition….


Bio360 Expo responds to the urgent demand to substitute fossil fuels as well as petroleum derivatives in our daily lives… with bioenergy and bio-based and the latter, across many different fields and industries.


Of course, and to succeed in the biotransition, everything starts with the soil, the sun, the water, the human being … in short, with nature and those who work the land.

Bio360 Expo aims to illustrate the many different paths for the stewards of the land on how to achieve this renewable circular bioeconomy, which is fundamental to the well-being of future generations.


Below, we have highlighted the key moments during the 2 days of conferences of Bio360 Expo 2022 that strongly appeal to the world of agriculture.

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The 2 days of Biogas: Wednesday March 30 and Thursday March 31, Biogas room


A comprehensive program dedicated to a range of current day topics throughout the 2 days that go to the heart of how best to advance the continued development of biogas in France.


Don't miss the “Innovations in biogas” session on Thursday morning either!

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Bioeconomy Day: Wednesday, March 30, Biohorizons room


The substitution of fossil derivatives, which currently provide most of the raw materials for the majority of the products we consume today, begins with the earth. We take a look at the world of bio-based materials and hear from some of the leading innovators working in this field today. What are the revolutionary technological platforms that will allow the biobased sector to develop? Hear from some of Europe's leading biobased thinkers and doers.


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Advanced biofuels

Thursday morning March 31, Circular room


Yesterday’s waste streams are today’s co-products: turning cow manure into renewable liquid biofuels for road transport and the maritime sector. Can green methanol from cow manure be a real business proposition? Enter and find out more.


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Biochar Day: Thursday, March 31, Biohorizons room


Pyrogenic carbon capture and storage is a key technology for limiting climate change. It allows the capture and sequestration of atmospheric carbon through the carbonization of biomass.

This panel will include presentations from world-renowned academics and industry experts, covering traditional and evolving applications of biochar, including land use in agriculture, sanitation and urban uses, as well as as uses such as water filtration.

Chaired by the IBI and EBI

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Green Hydrogen from biomass

Thursday morning March 31, Green Gas room

Hydrogen is a buzzword. But it must be renewable if it is to make a real and positive difference. So what are the prospects for green hydrogen from biomass? Let's take a closer look...


Green hydrogen produced by thermochemical pathways from solid biomass, hear from with some of the leading established and emerging names : Haffner Energy, Cortus, Hymoov


Green hydrogen produced locally by reforming biomethane from biogas into renewable hydrogen, directly at the source of the raw material… hear from two world leaders and technology providers: Bayotech and Xebec Europe/Hygear.


And what is on the horizon? A few completely new approaches to producing green hydrogen directly linked to agriculture:

- the production of hydrogen, ammonium sulphate and irrigation water from pig urine, Bretagne-Centre-Hydrogène

- a microwave plasma technology that converts natural gas and biomethane into decarbonated hydrogen gas and solid carbon via a methane decomposition process without CO2 emissions, Sakowin

- the production of hydrogen by culturing micro-organisms from wastewater from the food industry. The final residues, the fermentation musts will also be transformed into biochar by carbonization, in order to be used as a soil amendment, Athena Research


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Capture and use of CO2 

Wednesday morning March 30, Circular room


The European Biogas Association will present the prospects for capturing and the different ways of using biogenic carbon from biomethane upgrading, illustrated by case studies and a policy update. We will also hear from Danish engineering firm Ramboll, which has considerable experience in developing CCU projects related to biogas.
Chaired by the CO2 Value Europe

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Synthetic Methane

Wednesday afternoon March 30, Circular room


One of the possibilities for recovering the CO2 captured during the purification of biogas into biomethane is to combine it with renewable hydrogen to increase the production of synthetic methane / injectable biomethane. This session looks at exemplary success stories ranging from established players to brand new entrants, Enosis, Terrawatt, Storengy, Energo Green, Hitachi Zosen Inova, Urbeez/Top Industrie


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