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Bio360 Expo 2022 - 30-31 March, Nantes
Bio360 Expo 2022 - 30-31 March - Focus Biobased



Vision, innovation, collaboration … en route to becoming a biosociety.

Bio360 Expo 2022 devotes a day of international conferences which will glimpse into the future and imagine a truly Biobased world. It is designed to take the participants through a visionary landscape of the Achievable based on highlighting today’s burgeoning achievements, opening with a key-note presentation from Marijn Rijkers, Program Director Biobased, Chemelot InSciTe, from the Netherlands:

“Imagine we live in a sustainable world. A complete transition from fossil feedstock to circular feedstock: Mixed solid waste, plastic waste, bio-residues and crops. Our trash is efficiently collected and processed.

Our land is organized to maximize sustainable biomass production, so in full harmony with the needs of all inhabitants (animals and people): For living space, shelter, leisure, food, materials, fertilizer and fuel, all while enjoying the sun as primary energy source. No more greenhouse gases build-up, no more global warming, only incidental storms, fires and floods. Just imagine…”                                              Marijn Rijkers

Marijn Rijkers
10h-13h - The Bioeconomy - imagine

Marijn Rijkers will take us on a journey to illustrate how we can realize this imagined world, what are the key factors and considerations, what and where are the trade-offs, the gains, the investments needed to scale-up biobased so that we get to that magical point where we are looking back over our shoulders at the fossil past and surveying ahead of us our resplendent green, circular, renewable biosociety.


Hear from:


Chemelot InSciTe - Marijn Rijkers
Circular Biobased Delta  - Willem Sederel

Moderated by Dutch Enterprise Agency - Kees Kwant


Room Biohorizons

14h-16h - Biochemicals - out of the starting blocks

Whether a relative start up or an established industrial player, some of the front runners driving the biotransition will lay out their visions for industrializing biobased to achieve the global impact that is needed. All with innovative and specific platform technologies that take as their feedstocks, undervalued biomass co-products from wood processing or agriculture as well as captured biogenic C02 and transform them to arrive at fundamental biobased building-block chemicals, a point from where it is then possible to fan out over multiple applications and across a multiple range of industries. And this, oftentimes with improved or new performance characteristics that exceed current levels, generating higher value-add and even greater opportunity.


Hear from:


Global Bioénergies - Antoine de SAIZIEU
Vertoro - Michael BOOT
Torrgas BV - Robin POST VAN DER BURG
Wageningen Food and Biobased Research - Jacco van Haveren


Room Biohorizons
16h-18h: Biobased materials for construction - let's build

The construction and building material’s sector is responsible for around 40% of the world’s annual CO2 emissions breaking down into 30% being attributable to operational emissions and 10% to materials and construction processes.
But there is reason to feel positive. Within that 10%, biobased can play a significant role in emission reductions by substitution with low carbon materials but can also go one-step further by providing a sink to sequester carbon and the possibility for cascading reuse at the end of a building’s lifecycle. We will gain insights in this session into the arrival of some market firsts, such as:
- versatile, high-performance biobased insulation materials
- bioconcrete with biochar additives to sequester carbon
- door and window frames with top class energy-savings employing a biobased foam as single structural and functional material, thus acting as a thermal, acoustic and moisture barrier
- the first high-performance, healthy plant-based resin available on a large scale that is the critical ingredient in manufacture of the first eco-responsible MDF panel
 …. and all at the point of industrialised scale-up or, already in the process of.


Hear from :

Luleå University of Technology (Sweden) - Oisik Das
Evertree - Maxime Legendre
INDRESMAT - Pablo Outen
NOVOCARBO GMBH  - Benjamin Reinke

Room Biohorizons

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