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Bio360 Expo 2022 - 30-31 March, Nantes
Bio360 Expo 2022 - 30-31 March



Bioenergy and the bioeconomy taken as a whole, offer a dazzling array of pathways to providing for our energetic needs and for the production of biobased materials, in short, to delivering a circular and renewable biosociety, where fossil carbon remains in the geosphere.


The Bio360 Expo 2022 conferences aim to delve into some of these and to shed light on current status, emerging trends, challenges and opportunities and will provide valuable insight from some of those at the forefront of accelerating the biotransition.


With a view to bringing to the fore some of the game changing European gasification technologies on the cusp of becoming mainstream names, this session will provide a panoramic view of state-of-the-art gasification technologies illustrated by shining examples of pioneering, market-driven innovations. Underlying their achievements is the promise to bridge the gap between vision and engineering excellence to deliver unparalleled efficiency in power performance (50-60%), the circular valorisation of novel feedstocks as well as the promise to produce a lot of clean, injectable green gas. Green gas is in full flow … 


30th March 10:00 - 13:00, Green Gas room. The speaker line-up:

TNO - Japp Kiel
Phoenix Biopower - Henrik Båge
ATEE Club Pyrogazéification - Madeleine Alphen
GRTgaz - Sandy Sénéchal
Qairos Energies - Jean Foyer
Torrgas - Robin Post van der Burg
Synova - Bram van der Drift
Bio Energy Netherlands - Jeroen De Swart


Moderated by: IEA Bioenergy, Berend Vreugdenhil (tbc)


Synthetic methane 

The methanation of biogenic CO2 via biological, catalytic or plasma-catalytic conversion offers a pathway that optimizes the credentials of biomethane both from an environmental as well as production efficiency perspective. This session delves into successes stories ranging from both established players to brand new-entrants, each with their own distinctive approach. Green gas is in full flow …


30th March 15:45 - 18:00, Green Gas room. The speaker line-up:

HZI - Robert Böhm
Terrawatt - Yann Mercier
Storengy - Dianne Defrenne
Energo - Vincent Simonneau
Enosis Energies - Vincent Guerre
Urbeez - Stéphane Touche
Top Industrie - Andrea Micheletti

Moderated by ATEE Club Power to Gas - David le Noc

Green hydrogen from biomass

Achieving green hydrogen is a fundamental piece of tomorrow’s renewable energy mix and in recent years a significant number of milestones have been reached in producing green hydrogen from biomass, from a number of different biomass feedstocks via a diverse range of conversion technologies. We will look at some of the headline grabbing thermo-chemical approaches (thermolysis, pyrolysis, gasification), biomethane reforming processes as well as some of the still more novel approaches coming over the horizon, eg microwave plasma technologies, green hydrogen from pig-urine as well as from micro-organism cultures residing in food industry effluents. Green gas is in full flow …


31st March 10:00 - 13:00, Green Gas room. The speaker line-up:

Xebec Europe / Hygear
Cortus - Rolf Ljunggren
Hymoov - John Bilheur
Sakowin - Gerard Gatt
Bayotech - Steve Jones
Haffner Energy - Christian Bestien
Bretagne-Centre-Hydrogène - Stéphane Louesdon

Moderated by ATEE Club Pyrogazéification - Madeleine Alphen

Hydrothermal gasification

Hydrothermal gasification is an almost complete way of treating and valorising wet biomass waste and organic effluents using the water contained in the biomass as a reaction environment in its supercritical phase. It produces a synthesis gas rich in methane and simultaneously recovers water, nitrogen and minerals that can be used as fertilizers.
This session will present the state of the art of technology development in Europe and the prospects for its industrialisation in France.


30th March 14:00 - 15:30, Green Gas room. More details to follow soon on the website

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