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Bio360 Open - 30 June & 1st July - Request my ebadge



Bio360 Open is a positive statement of resurgence following the many challenges that we have all faced this last year trying to go about our daily business. It aspires to mark the moment when we start to turn things around.


When the “reopen” announcement finally came, the imperative was to find a way to make face-to-face a reality again at the soonest opportunity and in a manner that would be safe and that people would feel comfortable with. The preliminaries were already in place, so officially launching the event followed a day or two later and now we are just two weeks away from meeting up again.


Today Bio360 Open proposes a really atypical (in the positive sense only) opportunity to meet again. Spread out over a vast outdoor area of ​​30,000 m2 and capping the number of visitors to 1,000 at any given moment in time, achieves this objective. This translates into an average increase in area per person of a factor of 8, ie indoors 1 person to 3m2 but with Bio360 Open, the ratio is one person to 24m2…. and with no walls, no ceiling and no compromise to the richness of the event, see below and also see you there, we hope !

    Expo Park Retiers
    Bus Isuzu
    Bio360 Open 2021 Animations !
    • A Marquee Village of 120 exhibitors with lots of fresh air
    • A program of short conferences covering a range of topical issues.
    • The Cuma Les Landes Fourragères and Collectif Bois Bocage 35 (CBB35) will together run live demonstrations of wood chipping to produce forestry wood chips as well as wood chips from hedgerows. Demonstrations take place on their stand ZM10 next to the Bio360 Beach both days on the hour: 10:00, 11:00,12:00 and 14:00, 15:00, 16:00. Each demonstration will last 10-15 minutes.
      A conference dedicated to hedgerows is also programmed in the Conference hall on Wednesday 30th June from 09h45 to 11h15
    CUMA & CBB35
    • Visit the biomass boiler of the City of Retiers throughout the event. 16 visits of 8 people to see it are planned (1 in English on 30 June at 11h30). Registration will open next week. Discover more here
    • A fleet of different bioNGV vehicles will be on display: an Autocar Kendo ISUZU from FCC Bus, a SEAT Arona from GRDF, a CADDY VW from the Morel Brothers, a Polo from Garage FLOC, the Micro Joule 5 from the Joilverie, an HGV from IVECO, a VW Polo from the SDE35, a SEAT Leon from GRTgaz

    … and what to do with the bio-waste produced at the show… ??? we have the answer !

      We want your bio-waste !

      On site, we will separate the waste streams from the food trucks and eating area. Visitors will engage in this operation by separating uneaten food from other waste. This bio-waste will be transported after the event for anaerobic digestion following a sanitation treatment. Together we can all walk the talk !


      A demonstration of the process of emptying and cleaning the bins as well as a presentation of the sorting and collection services will take place at the entrance to the Conference hall on Thursday July 1 at 10:45 a.m., as a lead-in to the conference on bio-waste .

        We want your bio-waste
        Bio360 Beach

        Bio360 Beach will offer a mix of activities to create fun sharing moments at the show ! A little volleyball or some table tennis, live music from a local band of Musical Farmers and an outdoor seated are to enjoy the regional flavors and delights served up by Food Trucks.

        Do not miss the excellent, local and organic ice cream - The Best in Town!


        Build a sandcastle or your own imagined creation, if you want. There’s 500m3 of sand in the pit. Enough to play with. Buckets and spades provided !

        ice cream
        8 times more space per person
        Protocole sanitaire
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