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Bio360 Week 2021, 22-26 March, Online
Bio360 Week 2021, 22-26 March, Online

Bio360 Week - Registration Now Open

The world is changing. Sure, it’s still a work in progress, but progress is definitely at work.


Despite the magnitude of the challenge of fixing climate change, when you consider the advances that are being made across a whole range of fronts, it does give you cause for hope. From specialist tiny start-ups breaking established moulds or seeking to go where others have only dared to dream, to industrial giants seemingly pirroueting on tip-toe (OK, the truth is more subtle than that but there does seem to be such a thing as organisational tipping point, leading to more than just a perception of accelerated change) to ground breaking scientific endeavour and discovery, to ambitious political manifestos and international co-operation. It’s not negligible. It’s happening … and definitely for the better.


And we are absolutely delighted to be able to bring you some shining examples of what it’s all about, in a stellar programme of international conferences. More to follow soon.


" i can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; together we can do great things.”
Mother Theresa


This more than anything captures the spirit of the Bioeconomy and Bioenergy which is by definition and in more ways than one, a series of synergistic interactions along a chain. We see it every day. So keep on doing what you’re doing and please, don’t be shy of pushing a bit harder … and we’ll get there.

Virtual Conferences and Business Meetings - free access

The programme for Bio360 Week has been conceived to offer something for everyone. It throws open the doors to a world of achievement and progress, whilst setting out pathways to scale-up as we seek to address the key challenge of human induced climate change.


Bio360 Week runs across a full five days, however we would hardly expect anyone to be connected from Monday to Friday (although you’re very welcome to)! We do however hope that everyone finds a cherry or two to pick out from somewhere in the bowl â€¦ and that you will sign out at the end with some valuable insights to take away, either for your current or for future projects.


As for the Conferences themselves, the programme covers a broad range of highly topical subjects covered by leading global actors and sector luminaries…. and the Business Meetings provide a way for us still to meet up and even to invite colleagues or partners in, to be several people around the table. Just like old times ! And access is absolutely free.


So jump aboard, be a part of Bio360 Week. We’ve built it for you and we warmly invite you to make the very most of it !


Enjoy !!


The BEES Team

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