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In the bioeconomy, the panorama of life goes on. Recycled, regrown, reused, reprocessed, recovered, repeated. Round and around. A virtuous cycle.


In step with this biotransition, we are delighted to announce bio360 as the new family name for Bees's portfolio of events, encompassing the full vision of the bioeconomy.


The bioeconomy offers us a real way out of the quagmire of our captivity in the dead-end fossil fuel economy, where our heads are firmly buried in the sand, drinking relentlessly of the rich black liquor lying deep beneath us … with its irredeemable, finite consequences.


It gives us solutions and visions of a different way forward, one where life goes on. And on.


From heating to cooling, power generation to transport, roads to construction materials, cosmetics to nutrients, chemicals to pharmaceuticals, paints to plastics to name but a few, a bright array of biobased possibilities are already here today and many more are in the pipeline, enabling our transition from a fossil based to a biobased economy to become a reality.

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The focus of bio360 in 2020 is on how to transition and more precisely, on how we are transitioning from a fossil to a biocarbon economy and will highlight exemplary case studies, forward looking pathways and future visions towards the fully integrated, circular bioeconomy of the future.


Put simply, bio360 is where it all comes together in a major international exhibition - comprising Biogaz Europe, Bois Energie and ReGen Europe - of 400 exhibitors with a full two day conference programme, study tours, the innovation competition and international business meetings. All the things you’d expect to ensure a rich and fruitful experience.

Nordics - Country of the year 2020
A Nordic Pavilion hosting Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden and Iceland will bring the world-class bioenergy know-how of the Nordic countries to Nantes in 2020.


In bioenergy and bioeconomy terms, there is much across the Nordic region that is truly exemplary … and there is still a great deal more coming through the pipeline. Aided by a favorable political, social, economic and entrepreneurial climate, bioenergy has and continues to take great strides across the Nordics.


Featuring a spacious B2B exchange area hosted by leading Nordic bioenergy names and a dedicated conference platform and programme, the Nordic pavilion will spotlight the remarkable achievements to date in the bioenergy field across the Nordic region and layout a vision for a clean, green world tomorrow. Starting now.

Save the date, 29-30th January 2020 in Nantes, France. 

We look forward to seeing you there. 

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