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Welcome to our new distribution partner: Venuetech in the the Middle East!

It is during the PL&S Middle East in Dubai that we announced officially our new distribution partnership with Venuetech for the Middle East region.


The distributor, which represents Atlona, Barco and Sennheiser in its portfolio amongst others, is partnering with Active Audio for a few years now and has selected APG products for its performances reflecting 40 years of knowhow, the tailored solutions we are able to bring, but also due to our synergy with Active Audio.


Elie Kheirallah, technical director at Venuetech, confirms: “The most important element is the synergy that exists between APG and Active Audio and we are now able to provide a one-stop solution”.

The second biggest exhibition centre in France in Uniline Compact

Vi Paris, in charge of the biggest and the most prestigious exhibition centres in France, chose the Uniline Compact for one hall of the “Parc des Expo Portes de Versailles”, in Paris.

The company recently renovated entirely the sound system of the first hall of the “Parc des Expo Portes de Versailles”. To do so, Vi Paris has selected INYTIUM, integrator from Belgium, due to the audio solution it offred, including as the main system 48x UC206W (Uniline Compact system), combined with Active Audio’s column speakers, the sister company of APG since 2016.


The Uniline Compact system made the difference thanks to its intelligibility performances and its sound precision but also thanks to its compactness, much appreciated for the integration in a venue which hosts different exhibitions per week.


The inauguration of the Uniline Compact took place during the « Mondial de l’Auto 2018 », the first Auto show worldwide.


TR Audio in China keeps growing on the Night Club’s market!

OPEN PIE Club in Pingxiang

Since the installation of the high standing night club 0760 Plus in Zhongshan, TR Audio has completed audio solutions for three different night clubs in China.

Only six months after the PL&S in Guangzhou and the successful installation of the 0760 Plus, TR Audio owns already a significant place in the night club market with APG by its side.

The Open Pie club in Pingxiang, the Panda Party club in Changde and the Liuchow 79 Bar located in the Guangxi region, are the first three names of a long list of clubs TR Audio is aiming to equip in APG.

For those three clubs, TR Audio used the historical APG 4000 system, DX15 and SMX15 speakers and TB218S subs as bass reinforcement.


This month, both APG France and APG North East Asia teams visited TR Audio's premises in China to organise a training to their technical team regarding APG products, software and sound designing.


Some gastronomy for YES EVENT’s Uniline Compact

The “Mange, Lille!” Festival called on YES EVENT to take care of the light, sound and electronic equipment of the 20 different events of this one-week festival.

This year, the festival aiming to transform French local gastronomy into fancy and modern cuisine, took place in two different venues in Lille: the Sainte-Madelaine Church, in which Yes Event installed 16x DX8 and 4x TB118S, amplified with DA50:4, and the Saint-Sauveur rail station equipped with 16x UC206N, 4x UC206W, 8x UC115B and 8x SB118 and amplified with 4x SA30:2 and a DMS48 processor.



Those two venues have been transformed temporarily into a night club, a restaurant, a giant patisserie or even a covered food market, reaching until 1,000 people each day.

Yes Event consequently chose the modular line array Uniline Compact to be able to adapt the sound design to every single event, and the organiser of the festival was thrilled to work with such an efficient team.



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