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APG’s SMX15 on Tour with King Sound

King Sound Reinforcement Ltd is a regional sound and production company based in Bristol, UK.   They cover around 300 concerts per year and provide a wide range of services
for events of all sizes.

King Sound has been using the SMX15 since 2010, and decided this year to double their APG fleet this year. Having used them on countless shows in Bristol, it was an easy decision for them to take them out on the road with Eliza Carthy and the Wayward Band for their November 2016 Tour.

Monitor engineer Gaz Lewis, enthused: “Twelve musicians playing mainly acoustic instruments, in a high energy dynamic band, coupled with a wide range of venue shapes and sizes, meant that I needed a set of monitors that were both flexible and predictable.”

He also added: “The SMX15’s low end response is impressive: it’s a full sounding box with loads of punch.”

Eliza Carthy and the Wayward Band have another tour coming soon, and they have already requested the APG wedges again.


In New Caledonia, ALES Welcomes More APG Speakers

Created in 2000 in New Caledonia's capital, Audio Light Evenement Service (ALES) 
is specialised in event sound. 

The owner of the company, Franck-Alexis Coutenoble, works on a large range of events, from political meetings to beach parties and fireworks.

They have been using the DX15 for a few years before deciding to buy more buy more of them as well as APG bass speakers. This year, they decided to go the extra mile and invested in a Uniline Modular Line Array system with a base of 12 UL210 speakers. ALES's goal is to make a transition from 1,000 people events to 3,000 to 5,000 people events. Because the Uniline is an scalable system, ALES is planning to support concerts and artists on tour in the near future.

Franck Alexis quickly fell in love with APG: “They have a real quality of service, of after-sales service, and a real proximity with the clients”.
For him, they are the ideal products: “We have very specific needs here because of the climate, the saline air, the rain… APG manufactures great products that are very resistant in tropicalized environments. Their products are very reliable.”


Uniline and Uniline Compact Out on the StuStaCulum Festival 

Things got serious a few weeks ago in Germany.
SLA Wesel, an APG German partner, worked on a famous 30,000 people festival in Munich:
The StuStaCulum Festival, offering punters four days of various live rock shows.

SLD installed an outdoor stage with the Uniline Compact System: 12x UC206N, 4x UC206W, 4x UL115B, 6x TB118S as well as DX12 and DX15 for the monitors. The Narrow version of the UC206 allowed for a very powerful and precise sound, while the UC206 Wide version helped to maximized coverage for the public.


Another stage was installed indoors, this time using the Uniline System, APG’s famous Modular Line Array. The SLD team used 8x UL210, 6x UL115B, 9x TB118S, 1x DX15 with DX12, DX15, SMX15 and TB118S for monitoring. The festival was a huge success.


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