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Nov/Dec 2019 







The Aerostructure Inspections World Reference

Testia is pleased to share the latest news from its branches over the world:





Testia also designs customised inspection machines. We are excited to share this testimony from Steven at Duqueine Group who daily uses Testia's semi-automatic UT device. We're glad to work with them and look forward to future collaborations! Check our video below ⤵️



Testia broadens its training programme with new RT-NF level 1 course in 2020


For radiography testing (RT) one can either classically work with x-ray film or digitally without film material (RT-NF). Due to many requests, Testia Germany now offers a new RT-NF level 1 course, the first one being in February 2020. This adds to our existing portfolio of RT levels 1–3 and RT-NF level 2 trainings. With the new course, we will take a logical step into the future of this method and meet customers’ demands.


One essential part of the course will be a training in the various different RT-NF software solutions. Furthermore, the training benefits from our collaboration with Airbus in terms of x-ray recordings as well as from the hands-on opportunities with our own x|cube™ machine. The new syllabus strictly follows the NANDTB regulations and was developed by our Bremen-based interdisciplinary team of Pawel Pisetzki (NDT Trainer), Michael Hiller (Responsible Level 3) and Hasan Mülayim (NDT Engineer).



NDT Trainer Pawel Pisetzki at the Training Center Bremen



New equipment & features in Testia France's training centre


The NDT Academy in Testia Toulouse is evolving and well-prepared to welcome its 2020 guests as of January!


In partnership with Nantes' TechnoCampus, we will be offering new training courses about Composite manufacturing


Moreover, the Academy has brought new equipment to the facility to enhance our training participants' experience with us:

  • Implementation of a 3rd UT immersion tank 
  • Creation of a 2nd UT-dedicated room 
  • Integration of a semi-automated induction IRT system 


Composite training available in Nantes



Supporting its other ranges of services, Testia strives to continuously develop its engineering services, which include operations as various as NTM, tear-down, chemical testing, periodic verification, SHM and more.
For more information, contact us.



Solving the bottleneck problem of Additive Manufacturing monitoring

Testia employee presents new method at AM conference


Additive Manufacturing (AM) saw huge technological improvements in the last years – but it still has a hard time to match the high quality criteria of the aerospace industry. The key lies in the monitoring of the AM process, which has been identified as the bottleneck of the further development. The necessary quality control of the manufactured parts is performed, as of today, by computed tomography (CT) – but post-production. This is time and cost expensive and leaves no possibility to react to problems during manufacturing.


A solution to this issue is online monitoring: defect analysis during the whole process, right from the beginning. Jonas Holtmann, PhD student in Product Engineering at Testia GmbH in Ottobrunn, has developed a new method to make online monitoring feasible and effective. It makes use of machine learning – the software learned how defects in AM parts can be detected by looking at artificially introduced anomalies in the printing process. Now, the neural network can apply this training to find similar anomalies in newly produced parts – already during production.


The method shows a high performance on a sample dataset with artificially produced artifacts, explains Jonas Holtmann. He will present his method at the Materials Science and Technology of Additive Manufacturing (MSTAM) in Bremen on December 10, 2019. His findings are very promising: The approach itself is independent of the monitoring system and should be applicable to a variety of input signals. The main benefit being time and cost efficiency thanks to a better quality control.



A schematic illustration of the online monitoring process © Jonas Holtmann



Testia's pioneering spirit keeps investing into innovation to develop the future of NDT. Testia offers a unique range of NDT inspection equipment for quick and efficient analysis of aerostructures and components.
For more information, contact us.



Assistance to DAHER Tanger for the qualification of ultrasound testing (UT) on new components


More and more various components are tested on the UT machine delivered by Testia to Daher in December 2017, a few months before the inauguration of the new manufacturing plant based in Tanger, Morocco.


The initial request was to allow automatic scanning on any aerostructure made of CFRP (Carbon Fibre Reinforced Plastic) in a 4m x 2m x 2m volume. The resulting machine is very versatile and generic. It is composed of a 6-axis industrial robot, one linear track, one automatic changing tool, and several effectors: one yoke supporting two squirters for thorough UT transmission at two simultaneous frequencies for sandwich components, and two probe holders embedding linear phased arrays for UT pulse-echo of monolithic components. The acquisition software, based on a sequencer which guides the operator with a step-by-step workflow, was specifically customized for the applications. The post-processing software, NDT kit / Ultis, automatically generates reports ready to be reviewed and stamped by UT2 certified operators.



Testia's UT machine at Daher Tanger, Morocco



Testia partnering with JORAMCO


Joramco, the Amman based MRO and the engineering arm of Dubai Aerospace Enterprise DAE selected Testia’s state-of-the-art inspection products to support its operations. The two companies have entered a Memorandum of Understanding for the acquisition of Smart Inspection Tools to boost their operations and efficiency. These include the Smart UE1 and the ThicknessTool which enable faster and easier Aircraft inspections.



Testia CEO and Joramco COO at MRO Europe



eTech 3D Repair: the digital health booklet of your fleet by Airbus


As already published in a recent AIRBUS press release, airlines & MRO can now manage damages and repairs for any MSN, thanks to this cloud-based digital solution, developed by Testia. Main features are listed hereafter:

  • Mobility for Mechanics for tablets
  • Quick damage creation with accurate positioning
  • Able to automatically capture info from Airbus tools (LineMap / LineSizing)
  • Visualization through smart 3D models
  • Link to Airbus Tech Request: Able to send info to Airbus if requested by mechanic
  • Link to Airbus SRM/ASR from mobile device
  • Concessions from Airbus imported to the system
  • Legacy data and v1.0 data migration
  • Able to manage 3D models from other OEMSs

They all contribute to bringing nice benefits to those who maintain the fleets. Indeed eTech 3D Repair:

  • Speed-up damage logging and resolution lead time
  • Reduces turn around time
  • Keeps full records of repairs and allowable damages in a central repository
  • Complies with Authority requirements


eTech 3D Repair interface



New distributors for Testia products


We are glad to announce that this year we have signed new partnerships with distributors in India and Australia.


In India, Testia is represented by Zchem located in Bangalore and in Australia by NDT Equipment Sales which is based in Taren Point.


Both distributors can supply all of our tools. We look forward to working closer with them in the coming months!



Testia presented its additive manufacturing capabilities at Formnext 2019


The world of additive manufacturing met in Frankfurt (Germany) in November for the Formnext fair 2019 – and Testia joined the show.


We took the opportunity to present our services around AM to all industries which attended: Aerospace, Automotive, Oil & Gas, Design and many more.


Visitors could get a glimpse into our AM-related portfolio of NDT inspection, qualification support, destructive testing and trainings. One of our new developments is the in-process monitoring of additive manufactured parts (see also the article “Solving the bottleneck problem of Additive Manufacturing monitoring” in this newsletter).



Testia’s booth at Formnext 2019, right before the opening of the fair.



Testia represented at the ASNT Annual Conference


For the second year in a row, Testia was glad to host a booth at the ASNT Annual Conference, which was held in Las Vegas, NV this year.


This was the opportunity for our teams from both Canada and Mexico to get together to represent the company's presence in North America and display our tools and solutions.



Testia's teams from Canada and Mexico at the ASNT Conference



11th Symposium on NDT in Aerospace Presentations


13th-15th Nov 2019, Saclay, France


Many thanks to the speakers hereafter, who mentioned Testia & our solutions during this event. For those who could not attend, proceedings should be available soon on ndt.net


  • Wednesday (plenary): “NDE Challenges at Airbus”, Mr Alvaro Espada Tejedor - Head of NDT at Airbus
  • Thursday 2.A.4: “Ensuring complete integrity of aeronautic composite parts thanks to a fully automated non-destructive inspection solution and process”, Angélique Raude (Testia)
  • Thursday 3.C.1: “Automatic analysis of ultrasonic data for large and complex CFRP aircraft components”, Julien Walter (Centre technologique en aérospatial, Canada)
  • Friday 1.A.2: “Accurate & Flexible Solution for Non Destructive Testing in Aerospace Industry Using Robotised System”, Mr Thomas Gramberger (Fill Gesellschaft m.b.H)





NDE 2019

Bengaluru, India

December 5th-7th

Testia on booth #S6 with Vector NDT



MRO Middle-East

Dubai, UAE

February 25th-26th

Testia on booth #1429



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